Veni Vici Entertainment Inc.

an Ontario corporation, is controlled by Andrew T. Halmay, a multi-award winning writerdirector-producer, also accomplished lyricist-composer-records producer and a former advertising executive. Halmay is European-born and a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S.

The CRTC, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission awarded Veni Vici Entertainment a licence for The Global Village Theater Channel but Halmay’s programing plans were too ambitious to be supported by the Canadian market alone. He planned to concurrently launch the channel in the U.S.

Insufficient interest in the U.S.prompted Halmay to let the Canadian license expire. Since, on his own, he had previously sold scripts to Canadian networks and to major U.S. film production companies and had won awards in TV commercial production and documentaries, plus the fact that he was critical of the way independent films are produced and marketed, he decided to concentrate on development of independent feature film and TV programming.

Music had been Halmay’s prolific avocation during his Madison Avenue years, where he peaked as VP Creative on America’s biggest TV Spot account and won five awards for creative excellence. In his off hours as lyricist-composerrecords producer, he racked up over 30 releases on most major labels such as Columbia, RCA Victor, London, Brunswick and his own Tibor label, with artists such as Paul Simon, Carl Perkins, Lillian Briggs, Eddie Fontaine, and others. Now that original music will become an important part of future Veni Vici films, not only in scores but as promotion vehicles, a music division, including a record label, publishing and tour management will be added under the Veni Vici umbrella.

A book publisher, who had seen one of Halmay’s screenplays, titled Dangerous Days, persuaded him to write a book adaptation. Critical of the bad management by the publisher, who later went bankrupt, plus the advent of e-books, prompted Halmay to register Veni Vici Books as a division of Veni Vici Entertainment. He took off the better part of 2013 to write and publish five books of his own plus one of another exceptional writer and set publishing plans for a number of future e-books, audio books and paperbacks that will be linked to Veni Vici films.

The film division has over 20 films in development each having what is labeled as Musical Product Placement, a scheme that creates built-in promotion which develops mutual promotional backscratching between musical groups and the films which has the capacity of creating invaluable promotion values for both.

The TV division offers half a dozen program concepts in development plus a major international, annual multi-media award show, The Movieworld ROI Awards, which is to be launched in partnership with several European and Asian TV networks to originate in a different country each year