Veni Vici Books started as a personal avocation when Andy Halmay took off the year 2013 to write four auto-biographic books and a book adaptation of one of his screenplays. The same year he came across a delightful writer, Lucca Ginsburg, and added a collection of her stories to his new publishing venture which became a division of Veni Vici Entertainment.

Future publishing plans will develop links between Veni Vici films and Veni Vici Books with book adaptations of screenplays and vice versa, as well as books which expound on or provide extensions of filmed stories.

Veni Vici may also publish screenplays of Veni Vici films as well as original screenplays in book form. A series of audio books is planned on little known song writers of well known songs with MP3 clips of the songs themselves.

The division has signed an exclusive agreement with Justine Kent, a new writer who is expected to become a major name in the literary world. For the present the following books are available at and Kobo


“The Horror of Surpanaka”

Six songs by The Hellions of Hades will extend the length of this screenplay of only 82 pages to give us a film running approximately 110 minutes. While the title implies a “horror” or “thriller” genre, in reality, the story comes with a surfeit of humor along with the obligatory scary moments. The music videos coming out of this film will go a long way to promote it.


Timely evolution from the comic-strip genre brings a new role model; a twelve-year old super-genius to carry on in the tradition. He fights evil with brain power instead of physical strength. He employs various disciplines in science to achieve his objectives while providing fascinating family fare with action, suspense, comedy and even educational values to delight parents while entertaining kids.

“Test American Healys”

This is based on the true story of Michael Morris Healy, an Irish immigrant to Georgia in the early 1800s who defied slavery laws and married a beautiful slave girl with whom he had nine children. These, by law, were forbidden education, even to learn to read and write. Healy smuggled them north where they overcame great odds to incredibly establish themselves. They became America’s first black bishop, a legendary sea captain, a mother superior, a priest who served at The Vatican and a professional gambler.

“Dracula, Darling”

A wild comedy about a hapless Hollywood producer who kept turning down projects that others picked up to turn into blockbusters. As the film begins he has done it again, passed on the book Jaws which Spielberg made into the biggest film to that date. Our protagonist, who wed on the day Jaws premiered, has a breakdown; to distance him from the industry, his shrink gets him into genealogical search and he learns he is a direct descendant of Vlad, the Impaler, the very real Prince Dracula of Transylvania. He announces plans for a major docudrama on his infamous ancestor and he takes his entourage to Ceasescu’s Communist Romania where it really gets crazy.