“Meng Ma & The Magic Brush”

is an animation feature to be produced in a multinational co-production. The story finds a Chinese boy in the 1800s scouring the world for a nonexistent magic brush as he encounters much adventure. Stopping at homes to trade chores for food he repeatedly arrives as babies are about to be born, and thus attends the births of Sun Yat Sen, Gandhi, Churchill, FDR, Harry Truman, Picasso, Pancho Villa, Hitler, Rasputin and General de Gaulle. It plays out on three continents and gets a Zelig type comic character named “Marvin, the Musician” to function as the film’s MPP. Marvin crops up in different countries and plays ethnic-flavored music of the 1800s of China, India, Mexico, Russia and France plus American ragtime, barbershop, etc. The animation music videos will have potential to run in children’s programs for eternity. A concert tour may be launched by a group named “Marvin, the Musician & the Magic Brush Gang,” to give live concerts with sequences of the animation film on large screen in theaters behind the live group.

“The T.Y.P.M.S.A.P.”

Pronounced TYP’ EM-SAP – stands for: Ten-year-projection-mate-selection-aidprogram- is a futuristic romantic comedy – three films within the film - set in the latter part of the first century of this new Millennium. The TYPMSAP, an outgrowth of 20th Century dating machines creates videos that project the first ten years of marriage with three candidates that it selects for the client. We are treated to a trio of romantic comedies plus a surprise ending. The MPP will be a futuristic electro dance band named “2-Morrow.”

“The American Healys”

a powerful drama based on the true story of an Irishman who defied slavery laws in the early 1800s by marrying a slave with whom he had nine children. He smuggled the young north for education where they became incredible achievers – America’s first black bishop, a president of Georgetown University, a legendary sea captain, a priest who served at the Vatican, a mother superior and the youngest, a rebel, who became a professional gambler. The MPP will be a choral group called “Irish & Black,” combining Irish folk songs with classic and original gospel and blues.

“We Will Meet Again”

a romantic comedy based on the lyric in one of Halmay’s own songs, recorded in the late 1950s. (“Will we meet again when this vacation’s over? Will you love me when the summer sun is gone? Can Holiday romance keep burning when it’s snowing? And will I stand a chance when wintry winds are blowing?”) The story plays out in New England, New York and Havana. Here the MPP will come in the form of a classic big band named “Big 40s Gold.”

“The Superbrains”

is a family film about a 12 year old super genius, who fights crime with brain power instead of brawn. The story is structured to equally appeal to youngsters and their parents. It gets an MPP in the form of a comic group of teens called “The Superbrains.”