“The Frozen Chosen”

is a comedy inspired by the little known 1950s JAWS program (Joint Arctic Weather Stations) launched by the U.S. Weather Bureau and its Canadian counterpart. It gives us a group of young meteorological technicians from all parts of the U.S. and Canada in a primitive camp near the North Pole. The MPP will be a group that specializes in Fifties rock and rockabilly and the group will carry the name of the film,“The Frozen Chosen.”

“The Little Winners”

is a children’s film to be shot in an historic mountaintop fortification in Romania. It plays out in the 5th Century during the Barbarian Invasions. It will get a children’s orchestra using nothing but homemade woodwind, string, and percussion instruments. They’ll go by the name of the film, “Little Winners.”

“Trick or Treat in Nashville North”

a country comedy in a Stephen Leacock style finds a little Canadian village turning into a country music capital of the north and the MPP in this case may be an established country music star.

“Machu Picchu”

is romantic historical fiction involving the genesis of that world famous icon of Inca civilization. A sensitive Spanish music student who wants to become a classical composer, writes a beautiful song about a princess he met in a dream. His father, however, forces him into a military career. He ends up with Pizarro in the conquest of Peru When he sees the princess he realizes he has found his dream. He saves her and her family from the Conquistadors and they take refuge in the mountains with her family. CGI recreates the original mountain on which Machu Picchu is built and it is our protagonists who build it. The film will get an unusual MPP offering a hybrid of Spanish and Inca music named “Los Fantasmas de Machu Picchu,” (The ghosts of Machu Picchu)

“Fifty Million Dollar Cop”

A much lauded Boston cop who is a workaholic and ridiculously frugal, continuously tells his wife they can’t afford a vacation. When he wins a $50 million lottery his excuses no longer work and they go to Tahiti where the local Gendarmerie conscript him to help solve a big crime. It becomes a busman’s holiday. The MPP may become an eclectic group called The Pacific Islanders who segue from Hawaiian to rock or Men in Blue who form a choral group.

“Killer Night”

is a low budget thriller in which a pronounced peacenick finds himself forced to fight for his life, ending up with killing two bad guys. The look of the film will be grating cinéma vérité and the star of the film is the score – an endless, hypnotic, rock interpretation of a solo movement growing in intensity with relevant musical comments, inspired by Ravel’s Bolero. The musical product placement, the band, will share the film’s title for its name, “Killer Night,” the Group.