"Good Guys International"

“Good Guys, International” takes an unusual approach to launch a series of action/adventure films. With four co-producers in different parts of the world, we begin by lining up likely young talent from the markets in which our co-producers are situated. Preferably each performer will have gained a domestic following through films or TV. We then write the script to dovetail with the talents of the performers on which we’ve settled. The story is very simple. We introduce each character in his or her home, preparing to travel to a special music festival. (The one thing our characters have in common is a love of music) None of the characters know each other. We follow each on their journey to the festival as he or she experiences an adventure that gives us an insight to their character and personality giving us a clue to the fact that they would be effective in rough situations.

Along the way, at airports, some of them meet some of the others. By the time they arrive, they all meet and hit it off in a party spirit.

At the event, a billionaire is taken hostage by some terrorists and our young good guys, on an impromptu basis, find themselves working together as a team to rout the bad guys and save the billionaire. He then begs this team to stay together and work together in an organized way, each from his own country, to fight international crime and terrorism. He baptizes them as the Good Guys, International and we have created a franchise with five new action heroes. The MPP is still to be decided on. for her to have an opinion about, from the positioning of darts and buttons on a blouse to the coffee mugs we used in the showroom. She didn’t miss a trick.