Lucca's Stories

The late Rachel ‘Lucca’ Ginsburg, a diminutive Jewish woman from Eastern Europe, had survived the Holocaust in her childhood. After the war, her parents moved to Curacao and in her teens they moved to Israel where she spent the rest of her life. She had been a musician, wife and mother. She was widowed before she began writing. In her seventies, seeking to get perspective on her life, she wrote her biography which got her into the habit of writing. In the retirement home she began to write a weekly story, most often relating to experiences in the home. The Jerusalem Post carried some of her stories which provide a whimsical insight into retirement homes and the relationships that develop in them. Sybil Kaplan, in the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle wrote in her review: “The 47 stories are utterly delightful! The subjects revolve around her life in the senior citizen residence and the people around her as well as her day-to-day life. It is all written in a charming, endearing style. She has also been labeled “The Grandma Moses of Jewish Literature.”