The Industry

The driving engine behind Veni Vici Music is
Musical Product Placement (MPP) in Veni Vici films

M.P.P. involves the creation of a band to promote the film which, in turn, promotes the band. It requires a slightly higher investment than an original score but it can generate enormous promotion value for the film and the band. In many cases the band will continue with a life of its own to provide the film with an additional profit source.

The process is more akin to what takes place on Broadway as opposed to contemporary music where bands start out on their own, perhaps in a garage and work their way up as best they can. We let the film’s story decide us on what type of band would be most appropriate for the film’s story, then find the talent and put it together.

Here is what takes place:

  • 1. A new and appropriate musical group is written into the story of the film. It is organic, part of the story. The group gets plenty of visual exposure in the film.

  • 2. The group provides the score, or most of it; is recorded with material from the film, including appropriate, additional material to make up a CD.

  • 3. As many music videos as feasible are developed with footage and music from the film for TV and social media distribution as far in advance of the film’s release as possible.

  • 4. Concurrently, the group is launched in advance of the film’s release with tours and is always introduced as being featured in the upcoming film. Each concert, interview or other type of appearance provides a plug for the film which concurrently heightens the gestalt of the group.

  • 5. The film gets a number of “Regional Premieres” which combine the screening of the film and a live concert by the group. Here the mutual promotional backscratching hits a peak.

  • 6. Joint promotions in certain markets promote the group and film – such as discounted sales of the CD in theaters playing the film, sometimes right out of the box office. Discount coupons for movie tickets can be bundled with full price sales of the CD in record stores. When appropriate, additional promo participation may involve major brands.

MPPs to be developed

The Band The Film
The Good Guys (Pop) Good Guys, International
The Hellions of Hades (Alternative all) The Horror of Surpanaka
Kiki & the Eeeek (All Girl, Eclectic) 100 Naked Girls
Little Billy’s Big Band (Rock & novelty) Dracula, Darling
Los Pescadores de Dios (A cappella group) God in Baja
O.M.G. (Rock) Tarantula in Toronto
The Oompah Oafs (Novelty) Max & Moritz in the Rockies
Country North (Country novelty) Trick or Treat in Nashville North

Veni Vici Music handles record distribution in Canada and will set U.S. and Global deals with appropriate companies. All musical material will have a minimum of 50% Canadian content which, by law, radio stations are obliged to play. This assures effective radio launch in Canada for a domino effect to U.S. media

Indie record production, unrelated to the films will be organized to explore original styles such as College Rap, Country Rap, Country Jazz, Latino Laughs, anything that will combine real melody with entertaining, meaningful lyrics plus originality in arrangements to pull contemporary music out of the toilet where it has now been for too long.