The primary focus of this division at this writing is to establish Movieworld, Inc., an offshore entity in the tax-sheltered Cayman Islands. Movieworld will produce international TV programs for the international market. The corporation may take the form of a partnership that will include TV networks in Europe, Asia, Australia, and in the Americas.

THE MOVIEWORLD ROI AWARDS; an annual TV special will be the company’s first project. The ROI Awards, in TV and Internet simulcast, will honor the films that achieved the highest ROI for the year (return on investment). This program will compete with Hollywood’s Academy Awards and is expected to be carried by 100 international TV networks. A time-sales and barter division will make the program affordable to all TV networks in the world.

While frequently the Oscars give awards to films which few in the TV audience have seen (and sometimes award films which fail to earn back their original budget) the ROI Awards are determined by box office which assures that meaningful numbers know the films. Additionally, sufficient exposure to the winning films will be given the films within the program so that the TV audience will have perspective on what it is that is getting the award.

There will be no “foreign films” category in the Movieworld ROI Awards since it is international and will represent – (as well as belong to) - the entire world. Whenever required and appropriate, there will be some foreign languages used (with subtitles). While the Oscars is a family affair, burdened by a need to please all family factions, The Movieworld ROI Awards will concentrate on international talent entertainment consisting of the best music and dance available around the world with prattle kept to a minimum.

The following programs will be developed and produced for domestic Canadian, American and overseas English language markets.

“The P.P Guy”

THE P.P. GUY - a sitcom series in which the principal character is a product placement agent who wrestles with ad agency idiots, TV network dummies, and self-filled film producers while trying to get exposure for his clients’ products. His zany, much younger and very beautiful wife introduces a relationship reminiscent of Burns & Allen of a generation ago. The creative approach here is totally different from any other TV series. We begin with the assigned product placements to develop the stories around them so that each product placement in the stories is, in fact, a real product placement in our show.

“The Frozen Chosen"

a comedy series based on the real world JAWS (Joint Arctic Weather Stations) which was a rare peacetime collaboration by the U.S. and Canadian Governments that launched a group of weather stations in the 1950s in Canada’s High Arctic. Manned by young ‘Met Techs’ from all parts of the U.S. and Canada with many different cultural backgrounds – an all-male cast – leads to a totally different kind of comedy since men turn into boys when totally separated from women. The shows include much of the music of the 1950s and some originals in that style. A co-production between a U.S. and Canadian network is sought.

“Test The Testers”

is a semi-scripted quiz show to originate from the campus of variousuniversities. It is a man-bites-dog twist, ideal for a corporate sponsor who seeks to impress the intelligentsia. Professors are the contestants and students ask the questions. The theme song explains it succinctly.
“They make us cram, they make us sweat; the pressure gets us all upset. It’s time to turn the tables; it’s time to switch the labels. We pay tuition, we’re investors; it’s time to TEST THE TESTERS!”

“Squeakers and Creakers”

is a reality show in which teams made up of a grandparent and a grandchild - the latter never older than 10 - compete with other Squeaker and Creaker teams in a series of cerebral and physical challenges.

“Icons Resurrected”

introduces a contest between impersonators and impressionists who are exposed to celebrities of the past via film clips, photos, and audio clips. They then develop the character and perform. The entertainment values are derived from both the exposure of the historic celebrities through the film clips as well as the efforts of the impersonators who try to recreate them.

“Improv Interactive" - or Improv Plus”

uses well-established improvisation and gets one or two audience members to join the improve performers who have been secretly given personal info on the participating audience members enabling them to recreate personal scenes which will shock and throw the new team additions. Since the studio audience is in on the subterfuge the comedic outcome will be heightened for them as well as for the Television audience.