The First 85 Years Are The Hardest

This is the first in an inspiring, seven-volume memoir by an octogenarian dynamo. The author shares his secret for longevity, which is keeping active in meaningful things one loves and developing a sense of humor.. He began to write books at an age when most authors are dead and buried. He has had careers in diverse fields from farming to construction to working as a stevedore, to acting in theater, radio, TV and film, pluso writing and directing. In real estate he created the original concept for the vacation time-share. In music he created the grandfather of the music video. In his career on Madison Avenue he introduced new products you still have in your home today.When he didn’t find advertising challenging enough, he started writing songs that led to over 30 record releases on most major labels with artists such as Carl Perkins, Paul Simon, Lillian Briggs, Fred Neil, Eddie Fontaine, to mention a few. He has worked with legendary names: John Huston, Lorne Greene, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Jackie Gleason. He did his first network radio drama with the late Leslie Nielsen and recorded his first radio commercial with Monty Hall. He carries two passports, has lived and worked in over 30 cities in three countries on two continents. To complete his current plans he needs to live to 150.